House in Shaw 4 sale

House for Sale

1414 3rd Street, NW
2 Bedrooms, 1 Bath
2 Levels- No Basement
Needs to Be Renovated
About 90 Years Old

For More Information, call Bart @ ReMax, 202.236.7937

(why am I posting it? Well the first number starts with a 2, so I’m a bit willing and there is a story behind it)

Clarendon, VA

After 10 days or so after purchase, my baby Mac Mini died. Yesterday, I wandered over to the Apple Store in Clarendon to get it fixed/ replaced. They replaced it and on my way back to the metro, with a clear mind, I took note of my surroundings. Hey, I thought, I remember when there was a whole lotta ‘not much’ here. Back in the mid 90s Clarendon was that spot between Courthouse (where there was a Pizza Hut, a Greek place, the theater, and Wendy’s) and the library at Virginia Square. Yes you could also use the Ballston exit but Va Sq was easier. Ok, there was Witlows, a few Indian restaurants, but when it’s a night and it’s dark and you’re walking down Wilson by yourself, there was not a lot around or open. Also, back then, the sidewalks were crap. This is all pre-Whole Foods mind you. And now, it is Friendship Heights with a better grocery store and voting rights.

Emery Shelter

Good news from Eckington, according to the Eckington listserv the Emery Shelter has been downsized to 100 beds and no longer serves as emergency housing. Why is this important? Well for one, the Emery Shelter property is next to a rec center which is next to a school, two places for young girls and boys. According to residents, 3 sex offenders, including a child molester, listed in the sex offender database, had the block where the shelter sat, as a residence. Second, it is in a residential area that really could not absorb the numbers of homeless men coming to that site. According to the announcement, this took 18 years to come about.