4th of July

Ah, 4th of July.
I have come to accept that on the 4th, people are going to set off fireworks. I noticed such localized ‘shows’ in Capitol Hill, when visiting friends there, and in College Park, with a friend’s roommate putting on a display. I will be happy if people limit their fireworks to their own front yard or sidewalk (because some folks too over the whole sidewalk), and clean up their mess. The day after, the sidewalk and yards are littered with half burnt paper and plastic if there is no clean up.
Also it has been raining this past week, I’m a little less worried about things or houses setting on fire.

2 thoughts on “4th of July”

  1. In 2001 when we moved from 16th St to Shaw, we went up on our roof for the 4th. Not only could we see the Mall fireworks, but all over the city tiny bursts and flares, plus almost a straight line of “shows” big and small following what seemed to be Rhode Island Ave straight out into Maryland. I think we could even see the College Park and/or Greenbelt fireworks too. It was pretty neat. But yes, then there was all of the debris all over the place for days afterward.


  2. The displays are a mixed bag. It can be nice seeing all the color, but it can sound like a warzone out there. Plus, the rain didn’t stop a couple of kids from accidently starting a sizable fire from the alley a coulpe of days ago.

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