Day after the 4th

The sidewalk, I notice, wasn’t as littered with firework casings as last year. Despite seeing some pretty big displays from various windows in the house. I was on the phone with Bc, who lives in the exciting burb of Beltsville, MD (home of Behnke’s) describing all that was going on inside and outside the house. Inside, I was making sure I was going to go to sleep by making a lamb with thyme dish, on a bed of brown rice with a side of Swiss Chard. That and a couple of glasses of $2 buck Chuck were sure to knock me out despite the rockets and the bombs going off outside. Outside, one family was setting off the fireworks in front of their home. That ’caused a lot of smoke. In a nearby empty lot I could see that folks were setting off all sorts of fireworks and sparklers.
From my living room window I could catch a glimpse of streaks of red rockets and big round balls going off east of me. In the reflection of the windows across the street I could see bright lights coming from the west. From my kitchen window, which faces the alley and not much else, just over the top of the other houses I could see things going off. So I enjoyed the local firework shows from the comfort of my home.

2 thoughts on “Day after the 4th”

  1. This 4th was the worst yet. I stepped out the door to walk our 2 dogs around 10pm. Looked in both directions for a firework-free route, there wasn’t one. Around every corner I risked losing an eye (mine or the dogs) to a stray pop-bottle rocket. The air was thick with a choking firework haze. Yesterday morning, more firework trash than in the previous 2 years.

    P.S. Just discovered this blog and look forward to keeping up with it! Moved to Shaw 2 1/2 years ago, near 5th and O.

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