DCRA Reminds Residents of Requirements for Fireworks Sales

From DCRA’s Communications Team

DC’s Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs
Reminds Residents of Requirements for Fireworks Sales

Washington, DC – July 4 and fireworks go hand-in-hand for many people. While beautiful to behold, fireworks can be very dangerous.

The District of Columbia regulates fireworks sales and two agencies have primary responsibility for making sure fireworks are sold and enjoyed in a safe and legal manner – the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs(DCRA) and the D.C. Fire/EMS Department.
All businesses that store or sell fireworks – in a temporary or permanent structure – must have posted a valid Basic Business License and Certificate of Occupancy – both issued by DCRA. Consumers can report a business or individual that is selling fireworks without this license by calling 202-442-4400.
The agency requires any temporary structure that stores or retails fireworks to be inspected by DCRA and that structure be taken down by midnight, July 5.
It is illegal for a business or individual to sell fireworks on public property.

In addition to DCRA regulations, in order to sell any legal fireworks in the District of Columbia a business must get a permit from the D.C. Fire/EMS Department’s Fire Prevention Division. This Web site also has information about fireworks safety. You may also contact the DC Fire/EMS Department Fire Prevention Division at 202 -727-1600 or 202-727-1614.

For more information about DCRA fireworks requirements visit the Basic
Business License section at www.dcra.dc.gov or call 202-442-4400.