APB on stolen puppy

From a neighbor:
Hi Folks,
My neighbor called this morning VERY upset. Her 12 week old puppy went missing yesterday afternoon and she suspects that he was stolen from her yard because it appears as if a small hole was kicked open wide enough for the puppy to get out. Plus, there were rocks in the yard, she and her husband thinks that whoever stole the puppy may have thrown rocks at the adult dog that also lives in the yard to keep him back from the fence.
Below is the post I placed on the Truxton Circle web page. If any of you know anything about this puppy please contact Lem and Dina Kenley at the numbers below. Please forward this message to other neighbors who may have seen/heard something about the puppy!
Missing, possibly STOLEN-12 week old Staffordshire Terrier puppy.
Red/brown brindle with white chest and three white paws. Answers to the name
Bosco (very friendly energetic puppy). Went missing/stolen yesterday afternoon/early evening from a fenced yard in the alley between the 1600 block of 4th and 3rd Street. Teenage boys were seen yesterday throwing rocks and teasing the puppy and the adult dog that shares the yard with the puppy.
The owner of the property scolded the boys, the dog went missing shortly afterwards. Both the police and the pound have been notified. If anyone has seen the puppy or knows anything about his whereabouts please contact Lem or Dina Kenley, 1625 4th Street, NW, at 202-[contact Mari for number] (cell) or 202-[same] (work answering machine).