Will the owner of DC tag #BY 1881….

Pick up your gas guzzling red Ford SUV because on my way home I found 3 teenagers rifling through your glove compartment. Of course that was easy for them as your driver’s side window has been busted out since Monday morning. And the ticket on the ground I found says your vehicle has been there since Friday morning. Oh and you owe DC $50 for not having a license plate on your front (citation #347431733).
I have called the police and the mayor’s call center. Hopefully they will tow your truck away. Those poor widdle children could have cut themselves on all that broken glass.
I was going to go on a tirade about the morals of kids today and wondering why would kids take stuff (they said they were taking change) from a car that isn’t theirs, but why bother.

3 thoughts on “Will the owner of DC tag #BY 1881….”

  1. Thanks for the info about (citation #347431733). I always wondered if that was an offense. The suspicious part of me thinks that people who don’t have tag numbers in front/or back/or both are trying to make it difficult to be identified or maybe they just bought one of those flashy cars whose bumpers aren’t designed for ugly those tag things.

  2. Heres what was stolen from our Jeep this week: the owner’s manual, the registration, and a pair of $5 sunglasses. I guess it’s just the thrill of committing a crime that gets them going.

  3. I don’t think the kids taking change from the truck actually busted the window. As I had noticed the busted window a good 36 hours earlier.
    I have no clue what goes through someone’s mind to bust a car window. Maybe they thought they saw something valuable, and people do leave CDs, laptops, PDAs, cell phones and what have you in their cars. But it was the kids, the kids, going through the glove compartment that got me.

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