Scoop II

Well a little birdie told me that in about a month or so Dave’s on NJ and R ST NW will be no more. Hopefully something good will go in. Maybe a coffeeshop, maybe a cafe, something with sidewalk seating (oh to better watch the dealers on the corner)? Who knows, but one thing, Dave’s go bye-bye soon. Get your carry out while you can.

2 thoughts on “Scoop II”

  1. Umm, er, uh… but real estate is overpriced! Ya’ll gentrifying home debtors is in over yer haids, and y’all cain’t a ford no fancy sit-down vittles no how.

    cain’t wait ’till y’all gits e-victed.

  2. ig’nat childe ain’t neva heard of no sweat equity. Not all us done buy our house in 2005 or 2006. Bought in 2000 and 2001 when prices less crazy, knowing years to come that with time and the sweat of our brow that the time and love we placed in our homes and neighborhood would bear fruit.

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