FOR SALE in the BACA part of the TC

Just looking at what’s up for sale:
301 R St NW 700K (actually 699,900 but I’m rounding up). 4/2 Selling as-is. It is a big corner lot and needs work. I mean you could live there while putting in a lot of swear (I mean *sweat*) equity but it would be crack house living.

1417 1st St NW 500K. 4/2 Make the residents of 1st happy and be their neighbor.

1542 1st St NW 600K. 3/4 Ditto. But 600K seems like a lot. Maybe turn one of those bathrooms into a really small bedroom. Well it’s got a basement.

1620 4th St NW 400K. 2/1.5 Price reduced. Probably would help matters if the owner spiffied up the yard. Removed the old mail, paint, oh I don’t know, make it look like it was maintained….

76 P St NW 639K. 4/3.5 Says you can park in the rear.

51 P St NW 469K. 3/2.5 On the market 90some days.

1506 1st NW 469K. 2/1 Says it has been renovated. But really that much for just 2 bedrooms and a bath! ‘Come on, throw in 1/2 a bath.

59 Bates St NW 566K. 4/2.5 On the market for over 100 days. Price reduced several times. Was 700K. Try. Not. To Make. Crack. Comment.

58 Bates St NW 420K. 4/2 Live across the street instead. Also on the market over 100 days. At least it is priced a *bit* better. Selling as-is.

110 Bates St NW 425K. 2/2 Does not have that cool “Bates Street” 2nd floor thing jutting out.

218 Q St NW 500K. 4/2 Says it is a new renovation. And it does have the “Bates Street” 2nd floor thingy.

1410 3rd St NW 389K. 3/1. Estate Sale. So that means as-is.

8 thoughts on “FOR SALE in the BACA part of the TC”

  1. Opps, sorry BL I deleted the 1st comment because of the url alphabet soup. I now realized there was the address of the house.

    Anyway bl said : “What? No mention of #62 Q St. NW, listed at $1.5 million?”

    My answer. I must not look at listings past 900K. 1.5million? That’s 300K more than the very impressive condo at 5th & Q. What do you get for the extra 300K?

  2. Dear Anon,
    Please don’t be anon because I tend to delete anon comments. Use initals or a name. Under “chose an identity” pick a name, fake or real, and a website, your own or a make up one (my fav is ) or at the end of your comment do this –> –mari

    Okay, now your question. Ziprealty tells me the days it has been on the market.

  3. What do you think about 627 Q Street? DC6052834, $479,000, 3 bedrooms (but really 2), 1 full bath, 1 half. I ask because I looked at it the other day and was interested, although the living room and the 2nd bedroom were super small. I don’t live in Shaw now, so I’d be curious to know what people who live nearer think.

  4. Well you’d be closer to the Giant & the metro than me. I’m trying to remember what that block looks like and it seems ok.
    I looked at the pics on the web and that looks good and compared to the cracktastic prices around here I’d say the price is low cracktastic.
    Because of the age these things were built you are not going to get late 20th century sized bedrooms or bathrooms or kitchens. They are going to be on the small side. Maybe even stupid small. Knock out a wall and make yourself a larger room.

  5. That Q St house is close to the Shaw metro which isn’t the safest, but there’s a lot more chatter about development in that area than, say North Capitol, which has only the new resteraunt opening sometime next year. And it’s also close to 9th, where there’s a lot of great new stuff happening.

    Even as a believer in the bubble, I think it’d be a good investment

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