The Canna Lily, for the black thumb

When the garden club actually was talking about gardening, one of the topics was helping folks with their gardens. Gardening costs money. Some of you may have heard of the $64 dollar tomato, where when you think of all the money that goes into pest control, fertilizers, and what have you. Also gardening takes time and care. Some folks don’t have it or won’t give it, or a combo of the two.
Anyway, only because I was pouring over M&K’s K’s garden idea books and seeing the canna named, did I mention the flower at the meeting. A few years ago a senior gentleman a couple of doors down gave me some rhizomes for yellow and red flowers and I planted them in the ground. With no real effort on my part they grew and multiplied. I even dig up a few and gave them to the renters next door and Ms. Shelia. The renter’s are gone and their cannas are coming up, along with all the weeds. Ms. Shelia has a yard full of little canna plants coming up. Her soil is hard and hasn’t really been worked and she doesn’t have a spigot in the front, so I don’t think the yard gets a lot of water.
In trying to get the edible theme going in my yard I have expelled the cannas. Some I gave away. Some I have placed in the treebox. The treebox is hard. There isn’t a lot of soil, and it only gets watered on occasion. Yet half of the cannas I put in the box are coming up.
So if they can survive the treebox, Ms. Shelia’s yard, and negligent renters, they can survive any yard in the hood.