Police on horse

I have a fuzzy picture somewhere but twice this week I have spotted a mounted policeman on my street. First time was Wednesday? Not sure, but there were two cops on horses. The sight of them delighted the kids. The second time, yesterday, one guy galloping down the street as an SUV raced beside and behind him. I wasn’t sure what the heck that was all about. The guys on the corner? They only shifted a bit during the police horse sightings, moving into the shady shadows. A few minutes later they would move completely.

4 thoughts on “Police on horse”

  1. One of MPD’s mounted officers (Officer Lee) grew up on the unit block of Randolph Place. He rides through the neighbornood occasionally and the kids love it. I wish he were a permanent fixture!

    – Bloomingdale chick

  2. You should have invited them to let their horses relieve themselves in your garden. Horse poo is good for gardens. Did they leave any apples?

  3. Jim, I hate to admit it but I did take a quick glance down the road when I first saw the horses for horse poo.
    I have no shame. I will collect them apples.

  4. WARNING: HORSE POO USIALLY CONTAINS HIGH VOLUMES OF TETANUS BACTERIA. JUST BE CAREFUL I knew my college education would come in handy someday.

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