If anyone cares Section 410 is no more

At the Zoning Commission meeting last night the Zoning Commission had voted to strike section 410 in it’s entirely. I think. I’m actually confused now. According to the agenda they were voting to strike all references of R-4 districts from the 410 Zoning Regulations. But it seemed to me that they voted to get rid of the whole thing because there was something else in the regulations that better suited R-5 zones, where 410 was just confusing.
Now the people who will benefit most from this are the residents of Square 507 fighting Wilbur Mondie. By striking R-4 from 410 or 410 altogether, the loophole for Mondie to build skinny little 14 ft wide townhomes on the land is gone. Yay.
I must say it was the best public city government meeting I’ve ever attended. I was the only member of the public there. Even though the Zoning board started 15 minutes late, the meeting lasted about 5 minutes and all was good.

2 thoughts on “If anyone cares Section 410 is no more”

  1. wow…that’s great news! We’ve been working late the past few weeks & couldn’t make it, but I’m glad one of the “mondie squad” made it.

    A 5 minute zoning meeting? Weird. The locusts & blood red moon will be next. Karl was anticipating a room filled with developers protesting the change. What happened?

  2. Office of Planning quickly gave her report, there was a mention of some other meeting that had occurred prior to the public Zoning board meeting. It seemed that the Board had read the OP report and all was good.

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