More adventures of Contractor Guy

Yesterday got the Truxton Daily Dispatch, which really isn’t daily anymore now that Scott has a job, but anyway…. Included in Tuesday’s dispatch was something from the Scott Robert’s (Bloomingdale Scott, not TC Scott)about the white con man going around Shaw, LeDroit and Eckington asking for money so he can get back to Maryland. At this point I think everyone is familiar with the story. Yet there may be a question of if there are actually two different guys with the same schtick. Reading the collection of stories from residents I’m almost feeling sorry for the guy as residents fight back, literally, with a bat. Folks, let’s not resort to violence if possible. Last thing we need is a resident arrested for assault. Let’s follow the example of the little angry pregnant woman and use our words, very loud forceful words. Angry woman (aka BL) got her money back, with interest.

Of course one could just call the cops too.

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  1. I raised this issue at the PSA 305 meeting last night and the Lt. said that he hadn’t heard any recent compliants about the guy. I’m going to follow up with the police and see if he’s been arrested in any of the districts.

    Laura Stanton

  2. He must have come in with the truckload of sketchy-lookin’ white methhead dudes that suddenly appeared in the spring from who knows where…they are belligerent and missing lots of teeth (a sign of meth addiction).

    I will stand by my antique copper lightning rod that doubles as a nasty shortspear, which stands next to my front door.

  3. it could be a different guy. When I lived in NY the police arrested a few people who would be dressed in suits and tell people at the subway entrance that their wallet got stolen, they needed to get home, but didn’t want to jump the turnstyle. They were making several hundred dollars a day until a few riders recognized them from previously having given money to them. I think one of them came up with the idea and told a couple of his friends who tried it out too.

  4. Jimbo said: “I will stand by my antique copper lightning rod that doubles as a nasty shortspear, which stands next to my front door.”

    ooooh decorative AND practical. You could do the same with some colorful cricket bats.

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