Minor sense of accomplishment

Well it took me a while but I did it. I fixed my dresser drawer and I didn’t have to resort to super glue.
The set of dresser drawers were a housewarming gift from my aunt 5 years ago. Now the plastic slidey thingies that let the drawer slide in and out are starting to crumble as old plastic does. Well the plastic crumbled for my sock drawer and I had a choice of (a) fixing it or (b)just letting it hang open until I fixed it. So I went to fix it.
I keep a lot of wood scraps in the underground cellar (short people basement) as you never know when you are going to need some wood for a project. Unfortunately all the wood was either too thick or too thin for my needs. I looked around and wondering if there was anything I could use as a brace and noticed I had a lot of bamboo stored. Bamboo is strong but splits so I taped up the portions I was sawing with the hand saw to minimize the splitting. Then I took the bamboo, some screws and my drill, drilled pilot holes and made a bamboo brace. After a few adjustments I now have a fully functioning dresser drawer. Yey!

3 thoughts on “Minor sense of accomplishment”

  1. sometimes the little victories are necessary to keep you from feeling guilty about not doing more time-consuming repairs. Plus, all those little fixes are cumulative, so it all adds up.

    By the way, I have been reading your blog for a while, but this is my first post on your site. I started my own blog a few weeks ago, feel free to check it out. I bought a place in columbia heights, but a lot of the same issues you deal with in Shaw (gentrification, crime, overpriced condos) are the same here.

    I especialy liked your description of “house porn”. Like regular porn, if you watch too much you get desensitized and have to move on to more hardcore stuff. I bought a DVD recently that shows you how to make a concrete countertop by yourself. I think it might be considered “deviant house porn”.

  2. I decided to go cold turkey on some things letting my subscriptions to This Old House and Old House Journal lapse. It’s just better that way.

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