Over in Le Droit- The Browns

Saw a pix of Brian Brown and his wife Louise in today’s Washington Post Home Section. Now I have heard of Mr. Brown on the Eckington listserv, and right now my memory is telling me some postings have been critical (deserving? maybe not) of Mr. Brown. Something about a dumpster that might not have been his…
Anywho, I looked at the picture and thought, oh my, I think I’ve met them before. It was 2000 and I was looking for a place in DC and answered an ad for a room in Mt. Vernon Sq. I and another gal showed up for the viewing. The owner, who I think was Mrs. Brown, owned at least two houses over on Morgan or Kirby (I don’t remember the street) and the Mrs. showed us the room soon to be available (the guy was moving out) and a neighboring house they were restoring. She went on about the history and the details. I remember the available room was tiny and I wasn’t interested in it for the price it was going for. Also I had a saying, and still have it, “I work in a museum, I don’t want to live in one.”
There are some who doubt the Browns dedication to history and restoration. If they are the same folks I met that day when looking for a room to rent, the Browns are dedicated to it in their living space. They will do right by Le Droit.