Creme and Rodman’s

Topic #1- my hot date with Jimbo:
Hot as in spicy food HOT! Mouth on fire, must get water! Jimbo suggested we wander over to Creme (1322 U St) for dinner the other day and man, that’s some pricey Southern food. $18 for shrimp & grits. Jimbo admired the look of his $17 plate o salmon. Also the amount of wine poured for the glass of wine left one wanting. I was enjoying my shrimp & grits until I hit the sausage. It was an unexpected bite of spice. Maybe I didn’t read the menu right. We just had entrees as Jimbo had to go to the gym and I was headed out to Friendship Heights for dancing and shopping.
The rest of this post has nothing to do with the Shaw neighborhood. It’s about a store I adore, Rodman’s, up in Friendship Heights on Wisconsin Blvd. Why? I can get PG Tips (and other Brit teas), Aero bars, Cadbury Flake, lots of wine under $10, and $.89 avocados. I think they have other imported food items from Greece, Russia and India but I only care about the British imports. Being an anglophile (you can see why I’m excited about my London vacation) I like some British foods and it is so good to find decent tea and chocolate. It’s a little gourmet store without the nasty gourmet prices. Sometimes the prices are cheaper than that of Giant’s. The only problem is that it is way up in FH, so I don’t go up there much.