Nothing says I’ve left for the holiday like…

I should have posted this around Thanksgiving or Christmas but better late than never. People when you leave for a weekend or vacation turn off your mail and newspaper delivery. You can go on line to USPS.GOV and have them hold your mail for three days. I go on-line to get the Post to stop delivery, which can be hit or miss. Why? Because nothing says I’m not home like three wet newspapers piled in your yard.
Also have a neighbor, someone, kinda keep a eye out for UPS or FedEx packages that have a way of showing up unexpectedly. Or at least those little notices.
I know some of you have exciting jobs that wisk you away at the last minute. I’m sure even super secret agents go on line while waiting from the airport to tell the post office to hold their mail and send their neighbor a quick e-mail saying to place unexpected packages under the porch or behind a plant.