Some good news

I feel bad I learned of this via DC Blogs, but the little angry pregnant woman is pregnant no longer! Big welcome my newest little neighbor in Bloomingdale and congrats to BL and Nathan.

In some other unrelated good news, I just discovered my web host now allows for 10 gigs of bandwith so I can post like crazy and put all sorts of large files in the blog. Whoot!

3 thoughts on “Some good news”

  1. Hey Marie,

    Quick update: BL went for weekly checkup friday, they sent her to Sibley for some tests. Sibley said “everything looks good, you can go home” at which point her water broke (talk about great timing). 30 hours later (and with 2 hours to spare for tax year 2005) Sprog 2.0 was born. Mama and baby got home yesterday.

    And now for something completely different… did you see the interview on DCist with Matthew Yglesias? He’s got the major love for InShaw! Congrats.

  2. Oh, and don’t feel bad about learning via DCBlogs. That’s my fault. Dorothy wasn’t due for a couple of more weeks. I just sorta happened early and I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off (or sleeping on uncomfortable hospital chairs) ever since. Normality (or as close as you can get to normality) has only just been reestablished.

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