More adventures of Contractor Guy

Yesterday got the Truxton Daily Dispatch, which really isn’t daily anymore now that Scott has a job, but anyway…. Included in Tuesday’s dispatch was something from the Scott Robert’s (Bloomingdale Scott, not TC Scott)about the white con man going around Shaw, LeDroit and Eckington asking for money so he can get back to Maryland. At this point I think everyone is familiar with the story. Yet there may be a question of if there are actually two different guys with the same schtick. Reading the collection of stories from residents I’m almost feeling sorry for the guy as residents fight back, literally, with a bat. Folks, let’s not resort to violence if possible. Last thing we need is a resident arrested for assault. Let’s follow the example of the little angry pregnant woman and use our words, very loud forceful words. Angry woman (aka BL) got her money back, with interest.

Of course one could just call the cops too.