The InShaw Podcast TC vol1

Yes, I don’t sound like black but I don’t care. It took me a week to make and here it is TC1. I now have a greater respect for recording and radio professionals. I realize that my talent, if you want to call it that, is in listening and writing, not talking. Also I want to apologize for a certain tone in my voice when talking about the name “Truxton Circle” and my pronunciation of Karl’s name I just didn’t feel like recording those segments again. The repetative background music might be annoying but it covers the whine of the computer fan. I might need to find another loop. Also what do you want with a dying Windows 98 PC and a Radio Shack microphone?
Pod notes:
*Song -If the metro don’t go there it don’t exist by Andrew Pants of
*Truxton Circle news and announcements
*Shaw and gentrification. What is Shaw, neighborhoods within Shaw and a small bit about gentrification.

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