Thai-Xing now open

It’s open now.
Thai X-ing is LeDroit Park’s (as it is on the northern side of Florida Ave) newest hole in the wall restaurant. There are tables and in theory you can eat inside but there isn’t a lot of room so you’d best just take your curry and go.
I tested the waters with larb gai, minced chicken with onions and cilantro in lemon juice. It seems wrong to compare Thai X-ing’s dish with the other Thai places further down on U, but I can’t help it. Compared to down the street, there is room for improvement. It is not bad, please don’t get me wrong, but I can get hung up on one element of a dish, that one element was what I think is dried garlic. I want all my ingredients fresh, or cooked long enough that I don’t notice that it was fresh or not. The cilantro, good. Onions, great. Chicken, fine. Lemon juice, good have had more. Lettuce, ok. Small golden nuggets that might have been dried garlic….. not happy with.
I’ll try Thai X-ing again after Easter when I’ll try out the only one Thai dish that matters, Pad Thai. I have a feeling that Thai X-ing might be the restaurant I go to when I’m too lazy to drag myself the 7-10 extra blocks for the other Thai places. We’ll see.
Anywho I typed up (I’m so nice) an abbreviated menu of Thai X-ing’s offerings so you know what you can get before you step foot in there.
UPDATE= Got a electronic menu from Thai-Xing and here it is.
Thai X-ing, 515 Florida Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20001. Phone: 202-332-4322, fax: 202-332-4401. Hours: M-Sun 11:30am to 10:30pm. Free Delivery with min. order of $15. Major credit cards accepted.

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  1. sweet…nice to know. I’m also happy to see that they have vegetarian options as there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of that near me. (I was amazed to see that there were *no* vegetarian dishes in the one chinese food place I checked out.

  2. The Full Yum may have found some competition in the “Where does BL send the fat bastard to pick up food” sweepstakes.

  3. calvo…do you know about the restaurant “Vegetate” that’s coming to the area? 1414 9th St. NW

    supposed to be a nice, sit down restaurant.

  4. thanks for posting the menu.
    i too am happy to see panaang tofu. and other vegetarian stuff.

  5. TK: I hadn’t heard that, actually, but I’ll have to keep my eyes open.

    Thanks for the tip!

  6. I’m psyched to check out the Thai place and really happy to hear about Vegetate. Hope you’ll keep us posted on that one. Anyone know when it will be opening?

  7. Tried Thai-Xing the other night… I also got the larb gai (great minds think alike) as well as the chicken with chile and basil. I think the review is pretty much on the mark – ok, but not great. The larb gai was pretty palid – lots of ground chicken, but not much lime or chile. The cilantro was wilted. The Kraw-pow was better – spicy and fresher tasting, although the meat was overcooked and dried out.

    I’ll try it again… maybe in a couple of weeks they’ll improve. And… at least its not another KFC!

    – Jeff

  8. Is Thai now the default fast food of urban America (kind of like curry in the UK)? I like Thai but I find myself kind of Thai-ed out these days.

  9. Last night I ordered from Thai-X. It was nice to have Thai delivered to the door (also, they were blazingly fast). The woman on the phone asked me how spicy I liked things, and I said “medium spicy” to be on the safe side. The Larb Gai was pretty spicy, but yeah, it needed a little more lime and onion. The Pad Thai can be made vegetarian with fried tofu, and it wasn’t as spicy or have a hint of peanut in it, which was a little odd, but it was alright. The Tom Kha Gai soup was rich, but beware of the little razor-sharp bay leaf segments and giant slivers of lemongrass lurking beneath the opaque surface.

    The big winner of the meal was the mango and sticky rice – they didn’t use syrupy mango, and it looked like it had just been peeled and sliced over the rice. Yum.

    I really appreciated that they called me back and said that the cook was not happy with the pork they were using, and gave me the option to switch the Pad Thai from pork to tofu. That was quite thoughtful.

  10. Don’t mean to be a downer, but I’d like a decent Chinese restaurant. Not like Yums and its ilk, which serve mainly fried chicken parts in gloppy sweet sauce, but a good sit-down Chinese restaurant. I like some Thai, but the flavors are so limited: cilantro, curry, cocoanut milk, basil. Boring! I wonder why there seems to be a Thai restaurant on every corner these days, but no Chinese?

  11. I just checked it out for the first time and I was really impressed. First of all, you have to go in rather than just ordering out. The small space is packed with asian art, books and assorted antiques. I got the veggie pad thai, which was much better than an earlier poster had written–lots of peanuts,tofu,and veggies, and some nice heat to it.

    It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but this is a great addition to our neighborhood.

  12. You guys are a bunch of shallow yuppies. Thai Xing is well known to be the only authentic Thai resterant in DC. Ask a Thai or someone whos been there. Open your minds and pallets.

  13. my girlfriend lives around the corner.. and we ate at Thai Xing this weekend… I really enjoyed the owners attitude and personality. the decor was very personal.. and homey… The food was GOOD.. not amazing.. but very good..

    the larb gai was good.. the panang had coliflower, which ive never seen before.. the spring rolls were excellent… the mango and sticky rice was interesting.. great mango.. fresh nicely cut.. but the rice.. wasnt soft enough.. it was very grainy.. and missing something.

    we drove by and the open light was on.. at 1030.. we walked over..and it was off.. we knocked and asked to possibly get some of his great food.. he welcomed us in with open arms.. I highly recommend this place and will go back soon.

  14. we called at 7:30. they said one hour. an hour and a half went by, no food. I called back, they said it was alomst done and out the door. 40 minutes after that no food. call again, they say they still have another entree to make. lies lies lies. This was an order for two, not a dinner for 50. It’s 9:45, and still no food. I understand that good food can take time. but 2 1/2 hours? for thai food? Komi didn’t take this long for the chef’s tasting menu. And they were out of thai iced tea. How does a Thai restaurant run out of Thai iced tea?
    the food finally showed up at 9:56, 2hours and 23 minutes after we first called. food was good, but so not worth the wait.

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