Misc Friday

I know your expecting pt 3 of Gentrification and Historic Preservation, but it needs a bit more thought in putting it together and editing things out. Saturday, it will be up sometime Saturday.
Anyway a few things. This morning woke up bright an early to haul some stuff off to Home Depot. I had been collecting the things I bought at Home Depot and never used and provided it isn’t plumbing or opened or obviously used you can return it for store credit without a receipt. So I returned a pile of various miss matched things and turned it into enough store credit to buy myself a snazzy cordless drill.
So after getting my store credit I wandered around a bit and noticed that the store has it’s garden center filled with all sorts of things. There are roots for strawberries and blueberries and daylilies, grapes, there are timers for watering systems, lotsa dirt and soil, peat moss, tons of pansies and other springy flowers.
Speaking of stores and Spring stock, IKEA has its spring stuff in too. There are patio sets cheap enough that they can get stolen from your back yard and it not be a great financial loss. It’s great. I know I’m gonna blow at least $100 bucks there this weekend.