Pots and plantings

I turn my back for one day and the dang seedlings are popping out and getting out of control. For days I would monitor the little farm of seedlings I’m growing in the window and basically things would emerge slowly. And because I didn’t label some things well I play the guessing game of what’s that? Last night, almost overnight, the cilantro seedings just bursted out all over the place. I had a gang of them erupting from their little cell in the same spot, so I have to get the scissors and cut some back. My tomatoes have to be closely watched too. They outgrew the minigreenhouse and had to be transferred to pots. It is going to probably be a good month before I can actually transplant them outside.
I’m trying to map out where the pots are going to sit in the backyard for when I finally move them all outdoors. I am thankful for a reader/neighbor who gave me her recycle bin so I almost have all the pots I need. I’m still waiting for B. to decide which pots he’s going to reuse this year. I suggested raised beds for his needs as some of those pots aren’t deep enough (it seems) for tomatoes and other waterhungry crops he planted last year. I’m going to buy one more IKEA pot and that should be it.
Also this week I scored a used wood folding babycrib that would make an excellent trellis for some of the vining plants. I saw it put on the curb for garbage pickup and dragged it 2 1/2 blocks back home. I’ll take it apart when the weather warms up and use it as support for the squash. I’m still probably going to buy a nice trellis for the front yard because the front should look nice.