Seeing light at the end of the history tunnel

Okay update on the on again, off again history project. I think I might be done with collecting the household info for Truxton residents from the 1880 census. I am so glad there were fewer houses back then. Some big blocks weren’t as populated as I feared, like a handful of people on Bates street, but not the gobs of families I feared. I need to go back and make sure I’ve hit all the houses surveyed and check it against the map to see if a house existed. Thank G-d for deserted blocks of empty lots. If I ever get to 1900, when a lot of your houses were built, I’m gonna be so hatin’ life.
Summary of what I’ve come up with so far:
Lotta Irish
Lotta Germans
Lotta 2nd generation Americans
Lotta African Americans from VA & MD
Small population of native born White Americans with native born parents