Beautiful Ruins

I’ll post the grande weekend house tour later, but I have to talk about 1636 New Jersey Ave, which had it’s open house yesterday. Quick statement about the place, it would be an excellent opportunity for an investor with a lot of time, money, and vision. Or someone with a lot of time and money. What it could be is wonderful, what it is now is crap. The best thing about the place is the ‘ruins’ or the carriage house out back. Wandering inside I could envision a dance space, an artist’s studio, or two huge Hummers (the official car of SATAN). The other neat thing about the carriage house was that it had a loft area and there was this wonderful little bridge that joined the upper part of the carriage house to the 2nd floor of the main house (pictured above, thanks IT). So if you have $429,000 plus the extra $200-300K for renovations these beautiful ruins could be yours.