Trinidad gets it’s dance on

Frozen Tropics has been doing a great job documenting the changes over in the NE neighborhood of Trinidad and the H Street area. One of those changes has been the addition of the Joy Of Motion’s (JOM) Atlas Dance Studio which has it’s grand opening this week (March 14-26). As one who has taken classes at the JOM’s Bethesda and Friendship Heights locations, I’m glad to see classes a 90 bus ride away.
Until the Spring session they are doing drop in classes for now.
Tomorrow they are offering adult classes in Hip Hop, Modern dance, Yoga, Salsa and Social Ballroom. I’ve been meaning to take social ballroom… girl needs to know how to foxtrot when it’s too slow to lindy hop
They also have their slew of youth dance classes so there’s something for the kids, Pre-K to 12, too.

Customer service as a quality of life issue

If you can get home before 5pm or leave sometime after 8:30am, you might have used the post office at the very tip of Truxton Circle’s triangle (yeah, call it a circle when the neighborhood forms a triangle), the LeDroit Park Post Office at 416 Florida Avenue. Until recently the post office was manned by a very grouchy civil servant. She was impatient, belittling, and in some cases down right mean. Currently, the new woman in charge of the post office is more pleasant and customer friendly. My only complaint about her is she pushes the more expensive postal options (I just wanted to send it first class, not priority), but it is pushiness with a smile.
But I was thinking, this change in personnel, to a more customer service friendly person has made the post office visit more pleasant. I feel a bit better about my post office. Just add a few Saturday hours and it will totally rock, but I’ll take what I can get. Feeling better about my neighborhood post office, I feel better about the neighborhood.
Quality of life isn’t simple crime stats and economic indicators, it is how I feel about my block and my hood. I get excited when a retail or restaurant business opens around here because I hope that will improve my quality of life. Having the business in the hood, in this case the US Post Office, there is one plus, looking forward to going to the business and feeling positive about it, a thousand other pluses.