What can you buy for $400-$600K around here, pt2

448 R Street, NW

Price: $449,000

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 1.5

Fireplace: 1

Parking: Off Street

Basement: none

I can attest that you can walk from the metro from this house, because if I squint my eyes I can sorta see the Shaw Howard University metro stop down 3 blocks. So there is some truth in advertising.

I’ve seen the on again off again work done on the house and I was slightly disappointed in the results of all that busy work. The floors were un-uniform, but that was due to the first floor being opened up. Nothing a bunch of oriental rugs couldn’t cure. This is one of those cute “character” things about the house. One cool character thing is the wood burning fireplace, where one agent was warming herself. Yeah, oriental rugs, wood burning fireplace, and a coupla bottles of wine, good times.

The kitchen is small and acceptable. There really isn’t a lot of counterspace, but there is the obligatory silver fridge, sleek looking stove, and dishwasher. But after having done my own tiny kitchen and squeezing more space out of it, I see what could have been. But what could have been may have added something to the price.

The bedrooms are small. The first one I saw was one of those bedrooms that would work out better as an office, or a baby’s room or a guest room where you don’t want the guests to stick around. You could fit a twin bed in it, but really it is very small. The second bedroom on one end of the house was bigger, but not big. As you can see in the photos there is some exposed brick. Actually there is a lot of exposed brick and it looks wonderful. As I remember on the first floor there was some shiny coating on the brick. Anyway, one of those cool character things.

Back to the bedrooms….

The master bedroom was as wide as the house with lots of light rushing in.

In all the bedrooms the closets small. As in the width of the door plus about 1/2 a foot. Not good if you have someone with a lot of clothes, shoes, ya know closet stuff. But them again, maybe that’s what the small bedroom might be for.

Okay, is the house worth $450K? Well considering what the prices are, yeah, why not. As I said, oriental rugs, fire in the fireplace and a whole lotta wine and you can call it home.

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  1. Dag! I rented a row house on 1623 5th (between “R” and “Q” in 1991-92 with a roomie, for $795.00 a month. It only had 2 BR, and no basement. Nice starter crib though. I know this house though, and I think I knew the occupant circa ’93-’95. The one we rented would have only sold f/ $95,000 in 1992-I asked.

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