Darth Day

I’m just going to avoid the mess that is south of me celebrating the great Darth Lord. Of course I did enjoy the firework display for a full 3 seconds last night, then I decided it was cold so I headed back into the house. I am really enjoying the day off. I can clean the house, do some more census work and curse the name of long dead Irish immigrants.

I have already shoveled my sidewalk. And my neighbors’ sidewalks. Mind you I didn’t do a good job on theirs because, they’re healthy, they can shovel it. As an experiment this morning I tested the usefulness of table salt as a de-icer.

I used about 1/4 of a cup of Giant brand iodized salt and spread it around the neighboring sidewalk, where I had done some minimal shoveling. I went back in, ate a bowl of fruit loops, watched some really bad TV, and came back out and took a picture of the result. See people salt works. Any old salt. Even table salt.