Bates St Meeting 1/10/05

Please excuse my notes as my PDA decided to go on a tizzy and so I stopped taking notes after the umpteenth reboot. Also I don’t have the agenda around so not everyone is being named properly.

First, female representative from Councilman Orange’s office spoke. Orange is pro-baseball. Apparently, baseball will be great for the city, according to Orange. Also Orange is behind making Emancipation Day a holiday. Orange is for youth employment. Orange is on powerful committees. All hail the Orange!

Our dear ever so off topic neighbor (G-d bless him) Vance suggested bringing respect back to the penny to the female representative. Jim Berry, instructed our dear neighbor to write his concerns on a citizen form and he’ll look at it. The representative then departed.

Next was Sgt. Mitchell from the 5th District. There were two shooting incidents. The night of the meeting, some cars were shot up and damaged and Sgt. Mitchell did not have any information for the group on that. The other shooting incident occurred 1/6/05 where a black female sitting in a vehicle was shot several times. The police need witnesses and if you know something that will help explain why she was in the area or anything about the shooting please call (202)727-9099.

There were other things mentioned and emotionally expressed related to the shootings.

Jim and others questioned Sgt. Mitchell about the police van that just sits in the neighborhood. What is it supposed to do again? According to neighbors, nothin’. According to Sgt. Mitchell it is supposed to act as a ministation. Oh, ok.

Somewhere in all this was mentioned writing letters to judges who, in this city, are easy on crime. The US Attorney’s office has court reports listed for the 5th District so you can write the Judge before sentencing, I guess.

Lastly, on cops, if you see a police person asleep in his/her squad car, call 202-727-4495.

This is the point when my PDA died.

There was something about North Capitol Main Streets. If there was more to the meeting I don’t remember.

Anyway Jim wanted a social period in the meeting, and I wound up chatting with my neighbors from down the street.

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  1. I’m sure that Baseball will make the shooting stop, right after Baseball provides everyone with a job and health care and removes all the lead from the water. Go Nationals! Baseball Baseball Baseball!

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