The alley & a debate

Last week I raked up some of the fall leaves that settled on my end of the alley. I am wondering if alley cleaning man has forsaken my end of the alley because the opposite end is noticably cleaner. Fine, not like he was getting paid. Anyway, as I raked away my neighbors’ de facto compost heaps I noticed that the concrete from the house under rehabilitation’s patio settled in a little heap in the middle of our semi-brand new alley. This refuse concrete created a little dam hindering water flow.

When they first laid down the concrete and had the refuse and rocks in the alley I took a shovel and threw the fresh concrete and rocks back on to their side and out of the alley. I was angry because of the mess they left and because of allowing the potential for a small lake to settle behind my yard.

So I finding another pile of rocks and concrete, but now too late to remove it, I became angry again. Here we finally get the alley repaired and then this. Can’t. Have. Nothin good. N** keep screwing stuff up. [insert Chris Rock’s routine “Who you calling Racist?“]

So I am debating. My neighbor noticed that the house the leave -your-crap – in -the -alley contractors are working on doesn’t have permits displayed. I wonder, when and if I should call them in. The reason why I haven’t reported them already is because of pure laziness and forgetfulness with a pinch of wanting to wait till they have doors installed.

So when should I report them to DCRA?