Truxton Circle up for sale

I’m not going to do this periodically, because y’all know how lazy I’ve been with “house of the week/fortnight/month/quarter”.

There are several houses up for sale in Truxton Circle and there is one in particular that isn’t but it’s so fugly I’m gonna talk trash about it.

224 P St. NW @ $465K. Lists itself has being steps away from the NYAFAGU (New York Ave) metro station. Steps….. Is it me or do people who don’t walk to the metro write this stuff up? Yeah, steps and crossing the road of DEATH known as New York Avenue. Anyway apparently new fixtures and what not have been done to this 3 bedroom home.

not far is

216 P Street NW renovated with 3bdms 1.5 baths @ $499K. Smart enough not to mention any metro stations and has an alarm system.

137 P St NW @$389K for this 3 bedroom 1.5 bath. Also claims being close to metro.

316 P St NW a 3bdrm 1 bath @ $345K is decently priced given that the seller claims everything that needs fixin’ is cosmetic. Get some friends, buy some beer and pizza, believe me the inside will be painted in no time.

203 R St NW @ $499K for a 3 bedroom 3 bath, seems like a good deal, and I await to see what happens to the house next door. If you see the agent’s picture there is a house next door undergoing renovation, it has cool iron work. Recently the workers have been going at a pretty good clip.

208 Q St NW $430K 4bdrm 2 bath. 2 units in one.

33 N St NW @ $400K. This 3 bed 1.5 bath “as-is” claims it is “convenient to metro bus & rail, grocery stores,restaurants, [and] new mci building”. Define ‘convenient’. Maybe bus and the unit block of N St is convenient to NYAFAGU, however the grocery store is 8 blocks up, the restaurants there are 2 in total, and the MCI center is in a totally different neighborhood.

1611 New Jersey Avenue @ $675K is a little bit overpriced for this renovated 3 brd, 2.5 bath with basement. Just a little.

1341 1st St NW @ $370K for a 3 bed 1 bath townhome.

1726 4th St. NW @ $440K for a 2 level (no basement as far as I can tell) 2 bedroom in my eyes is wrong. For one such sale will unreasonably jack up my property taxes. I don’t doubt the goodness of it’s features but something in the $350K range might be better. Also not too keen about the corner it is near.

1522 3rd St NW @ $600K is not only ugly but over priced. Yes it has 4 bedrooms & 2 baths and has been renovated. But note the 3rd floor addition. It doesn’t work with the surrounding houses. For crimes against decent architecture the house should only sell for $350K-$400K. I don’t doubt the work that has gone into the house, but no. I’ve talked trash about this house before so some of you know my pet peeve with this property is nothing new.

1406 3rd St NW,@$475K 3brdm 1.5 bath a stones throw from Dunbar.

1430 3rd St NW @ $350K 3brdm 1.5 bath. Cheaper. Smaller. Different.

234 N St NW *condo* @ $325K is the cheapest thing house or condo right now with 1 bedroom and 1.5 baths.

Not in Truxton Circle but so ugly I gotta say something is 435 Rhode Island Ave NW priced at $640K. It is totally new construction built from the ground up so one would think that something nice would get built on the lot. Well they would be wrong. Logically this house SHOULD be lovely with it’s large windows and open space interior. It just doesn’t fit. That and it’s bent at an angle. Not a crime against architecture like the 3rd St house, but should be priced at just 1/2 a mil because it just looks wrong to me.