Oh hell no!

Most of the time stuff happing down at the mall, down in the Federal part of the city has little impact on Shaw. But the ceremonies to celebrate the Great Darth Lord’s continuing rule over the Empire on the 20th will make the roads around the Convention Center close. 11th Street between NY Ave and N, N Street to 6th St, and 6th to Mass Ave closed from Wednesday to Thursday. Will Darth Dubya be in Shaw? Why oh great Darth Lord why?

6 thoughts on “Oh hell no!”

  1. Living down in Mt. Vernon Square and a block from the road closures this is even more of a pain. Its all because The Misleader is having all but one ball in the convention center. The only upside is that DC is making money off these guys…


    BTW — Great blog.

  2. Thanks,
    You poor baby. Where are people supposed to park? Don’t they know most Texans don’t know how to use public transportation & believe you can drive everywhere? What’s going to happen with the 70, 71, & G8 bus routes that go right through? Will the Flexcar at the Mt. Vernon Sq station be unavailable? Ah so many questions. I wonder if any residents in the Convention Center zone will show their displeasure with any window decoration?

  3. The only upside is that DC is making money off these guys…I’m afraid you’re wrong — DC is getting stuck with a big bill for all this Republican merry-making.

    Anybody have a link for the map of what’ll be closed off? I’m by Naylor Ct. and would like to know if I’ll be able to leave the house on the 20th.

    (thanks for the blogging, btw)

  4. Yes, we are getting screwed by these bastards for security in what is a ridiculous slap in the face.

    I meant that the Convention Center (and via that DC) would make money. Its a very small upside.

  5. Well M, we’ll see you at work. That day I will gladly flee to College Park to get away from the Madness.

    And your reviews of overpriced houses are making me depressed! – Jim

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