Run Fenty Run

Last night a neighbor came to me with a copy of an invitation she’d

received for an Fenty 2006 Exploratory Committee for Mayor fundraiser

hosted by Jim Graham and Phil & Jan Fenty for this weekend. Well I

don’t believe I will attend but I will cut a check because of the

Council people even thinking of running for mayor, I’d pick Fenty.

Why not my Ward 5 councilman Orange? First, I am not holding that the

NW side of Ward 5 was nearly ignored by Orange against him. But I

don’t know him well enough to want him for Mayor. Yes, I like the Home

Depot and the Giant across the street, very nice. I’m sure everyone in

the northern part of the city appreciates it, and would appreciate it

more if the Home Depot was decently stocked. Yet what about my Ward 5

needs? Has he addressed things that would make my day to day quality

of life? I’m not saying he is a bad councilman, no! He is a decent


Fenty, however, has been known to focus on constituent services and

get out to hear the needs of the people living in his Ward. Face it

I’m still in love with the man for banning single sales of containers.

Don’t take much to make me happy. Look at the man’s website he is not the main focus, his ward is. The site (compared to


seems more Ward 4 specific and designed to help those in Ward 4 and

geared to help his constituents find the information they need as

residents in the city who need services.

Well anyway if you want to attend the fundraiser for the Fenty 2006

exploratory committee it’s 1/30/2005 from 4-6pm in Adams Morgan, call

202 263 4386. Or you can just send $$$ payable to Fenty 2006

Exploratory Committee, PO Box 7700, Washington, DC 20044-7700