Shoveling S***


I waited till the snow stopped before heading out. The snow that fell was light enough to attack with a broom. My neighbor B helped out as we shoveled and swept a wide path that connected 4 houses. A bit later, a new neighbor, who I don’t know that well since he moved in when it started getting cold (I’ll be all neighborly when the weather warms up), he shoveled more than a path, he shoveled the complete sidewalk for 2-3 houses.

Across the street the kids were playing in the white stuff, trying to get decent snowballs to whack each other with. As I said, this was light snow and not the weighty snow that makes for a really good snowball. Each throw resulted in the ball disinegrating in the air. They tussled in the snow, falling on what normally would be hard sidewalk, buffered by snow and several layers of bulky clothes. Playtime ceased when an adult figured this boundless energy could be used to shovel the sidewalk and clean off the family car.

I called a friend to figure out if I should try to go to church tomorrow. I played with the idea of trekking over to St. George’s in LeDroit.

Looking outside at snow

I’m thinking 8:30 Mass for Shut-ins @ channel 32, ’cause I’m gonna stay shut in the house.