Thursday-Friday Grab Bag

Warning for some of you car owners, traffic enforncement is now in tow. I’ve been seeing cars get moved by the city on a regular basis. Today I saw a truck taking away a car on New Jersey Avenue. The day before it was moving a car on R St. You’ve asked for city services, and well you got one.

With the housing problem we are surprised why? Remember oh, back to 2004, 2005, and 2006 when I said real estate agents were on crack and the houses were overpriced? So, what happened? We discovered the houses were overpriced. The bubble deflated. I can’t say burst because it’s not like the houses are worthless, just worth less. We knew people were taking out loans too large for them to handle. We knew this day would come. We knew a few years back that there would be a lot of foreclosures, and guess what? 2008, there are a lot of foreclosures. Who knew? Yes, there are people who are losing their homes, but where I am, so are a lot of developers and flippers and speculators who came into Shaw, looking for a quick buck. Some of them got out in time. A good number didn’t and so we are stuck, until the next housing uptick, with vacant, 1/2 done, or crapily done houses, and cut-up townhomes created into funny looking condos.

Central Union Mission is going downtown. And there was great rejoicing in Pentworth and some other NW neighborhoods. For lo, they moveth the men’s shelter to 65 Mass Ave NW, where they are not far from other homeless services. And someone remind me, wasn’t the Gales School (65 Mass Ave) used as a shelter before?

I’d support more harpsichord players. Because they are artists, performing artists. And tearooms? Since I don’t drink coffee, I’m stuck with loving Teaism, so if the landed gentry come in and put in tearooms, I’m all for it. Besides I spent most of my undergrad years studying the rise and fall of the British aristocracy, I’d be pleased to observe them up close.

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  1. Hi, this comment is pretty unrelated to the post. I found your blog when googling “compost washington dc.” I’ve just moved back to the area into a tiny apartment, and I have no outdoor space, so I can’t compost myself. But I’d love to find a way to get my compostable garbage to someone who can rot it up proper. Do you know of any place where I could bring my organic waste, so I won’t have to just throw it into my garbage? A community garden perhaps? Oh, and I should mention that I live on 15th and N, NW.
    I’ll keep checking in hopes that you comment on this comment. Thanks!

  2. I’d say your best bet would be a community garden or looking out for gardeners with yards who may be open to the idea. Some cities, not this one of course, ’cause that would require DC having its stuff together, have composting programs.
    If you have enough indoor space you could try vericomposting. But that would require you being okay with worms in your house.

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