Jolly’s Mommy in the Post

If you knew Jolly, he was the wheezing slow walking chicken bone finding beagle of Richardson Pl. Well his mommy (who is also the mommy of a child and another child to be) got featured in the Post magazine. I’m trying to figure out how I missed the article completely, so thanks Scott Roberts.
Though the family has just recently relocated for a great new job for Ben, Lyric is still running her house staging business Red House Staging here in DC. Lyric loves what she does, and it is wonderful to see that it is possible to create a career that brings you joy.

Friday grab bag

Brian of OffSeventh retires from blogging. He had a good run. I understand it, as you may know my co-blogger Truxtonian no longer posts. Back when I did bother to bug T. and ask him to post something, he said he didn’t want to post angry. Understandable. There are things that make me want to quit too. However, I’m clinging to the idea of ‘it’s my blog, I’ll post whatever the hell I feel like.’ Which means not posting a lot of things, because I don’t wanna, and I don’t feel like it. And posting somewhat neighborhood related stuff that I care about right now, like houses, gardening, new businesses opening up. Next week it might be alley cats, some history related item, and “dude, where’s my trash bin?” InShaw exists for my entertainment, when I cease to be entertained, so will the blog.

Yesterday, I wandered over to the courthouse after work to try to figure out how to legally get my name changed. I’ve been noticing that ever since 9-11 it’s been harder to get people/ agencies/ companies to go along with the first initial, middle name, last name style I’ve been using since high school. There is a new ID I have to get as a federal drone that won’t/ can’t let me go by my middle name. So, I have to legally change my name, to my name. Sadly, I found the DC Court website, not as helpful as I would have liked. I was able to find one of the name change forms, but no fee schedule ($60 for what I want), or what ID I needed (birth certificate, passport, etc), or the other forms needed.
So I walked over to find the main entrance blocked off and the Chief of Police standing in front of a bunch of local reporters. Someone was nice enough to point out the downstairs entrance that I didn’t know about. Apparently someone fell from the 3rd floor. The chatter in the elevators was that it was suicide.
I got my forms and my info and now I got to find my birth certificate, a newspaper with legal notice fees that aren’t high, and $60 bucks.

Lastly, Mrs. Gibbs house, at 1626 3rd St NW is back on the market. Rumor had it that Mt. Sinai, which owns a few properties along the 1600 block of 3rd was talking with the family. Guess that fell through, if it was true. So 1626 & 1628 are on the market for a combined price of $635K if someone wanted both. Another thing I noticed was 1620 4th St. dropped its price again, and is $250,000, down from its original price of $390K. The taxable land value is $223K, so I guess the structure is almost worthless.

Is the grass greener and sometimes you can have too much of a good thing

Last week I attended a farewell dinner. No farewell dinner sounds to formal, we met at a restaurant, parked at a couple of tables the staff pulled together, drank and talked about the honoree’s career. The man of honor used to be my boss and was leaving to do work at another institution.
Anyway, former boss man and his wife are selling their Capitol Hill home because it is just too busy. I’ve known the couple for a while, and have been to their house. When I visited about a little less than 10 years ago the way I navigated their neighborhood, was trying to stay on the not-scary part of the street. Believe it or not, parts were kinda sketchy at night a decade ago. Now their street is less dark and frightening.
However, since the increased commercial activity along Pennsylvania and 8th Street, their neighborhood has gotten loud. I remember him complaining once how he could hear his neighbor’s alarm clock. So with new complaints about increased traffic, both car and foot, I can understand why he and his wife want out.
On one level a vibrant commercial strip is a good thing. However, it is a mixed blessing. It makes your house more valuable, neighborhood safer and there are more amenities. However, you’re afraid to move your car, because when you come back there may be nothing on your block, or near your block, when you come home (sounds like Dupont Circle). And then there is the street noise of cars, and people talking.
I don’t know where they will go if and when they sell. I guess they will stay in the city, maybe a quieter, or better insulated part of the city.

You gonna eat that?

Just in case you’re new to the blog and my occassional gardening posts, my front yard has a theme. It is, “can I eat it?” If I can’t eat some part of the plant, I refuse to grow it.
Now just because it is edible, doesn’t dictate that I will eat it. That’s what I was thinking when I moved the Swiss Chard up against the fence by the sidewalk. Looking at it, I realized it was in puppy peeing range. No matter, I’m less of a chard fan this year. Chard has this odd aftertaste that makes my tounge feel fuzzy. Beet greens are much better and no aftertaste.
The Swiss Chard I have, I started in 2007, and they survived the winter pretty well. In Fall I cut them down and gave the greens away to neighbors, only to have new growth sprout from the sides of the left over stump. Another reason why I moved them to the fence was that they are pretty. They are red, yellow and a greenish white leaves. The red can be very vibrant. I figure they are pretty enough to be one of the decorative edibles.

What do artists need?

A comment back on one of the empty schools posts, has got me a wondering. We talk about creating spaces for artists, arts districts, etc. but that got me to wondering about what exactly do artists (and what kind of artists) need. Individual artists, groups/companies of artists, professional and amateur artists, what is it that they need? ‘Cause I don’t want to assume too much.
First, I started thinking about what kind of artist. Visual arts? Performing arts? What do dancers need? I know certain dancers need a space with a sprung wooden floor (concrete flooring is bad for the knees). I know there are several musicians in the neighborhood at various levels (music teachers, band members, amateurs, etc). In the visual arts range there are two artists (with day jobs) on my block. Lastly, I know of one actor/waiter, I’m going to gather there might be more hiding amongst us.
Second, what do these people need? Practice space? Work space? Exhibit space? Performance spaces? And follow that up with how would the spaces be provided?
Anyway, just wondering out loud. But if you are an artist of any sort feel free to comment and say what you need. As a crappy flute player, I need instruction, and neighbors tolerating the sound of scales played over, and over, and over again.

BAA Meeting

| Blagden Alley Association |
| Monthly Meeting |
| |
| THURSDAY, March 27, 2008 |
| 7:30-9:00 pm |
| Bob and Sherri’s |
| 945 O Street Street, NW |
| |

Lots of different topics and speakers, including the owner
of the newly arrived Corduroy, the new Mayor’s rep, a historian on
the alleys and courts, and more.

The newsletter is at

Exercise Volunteer Thank-you and Re-Request for 4/4

Volunteers needed:

4 DC hospitals in Washington (Washington Hospital, Children’s, National Rehab and Veterans Affairs) are conducting an exercise involving a dirty bomb scenario and we will need about 100 victim volunteers. Please feel free to announce this volunteer opportunity through your network and ask that those interested in volunteering contact me prior to March 26.

The volunteer duty would be on Friday, April 4, 2008, 008:30-12:30.
Refreshments would be provided.

Volunteers will receive a briefing and receive “role assignments” describing their injuries and condition. Some would be bomb blast victims, some would be existing patients requiring transfer due to facility damage, and some would be designated as
“contaminated” and would require decontamination via a “dry run’ through the VA hospital’s Decontamination Shower System. A few may play roles as concerned friends or family members.

Please contact me at via e-mail (preferred) or phone if you wish to register as an exercise volunteer. Provide your cell phone number or other contact number. We request that if you have a cell phone that you bring it on the day of the exercise so we can communicate.

I will contact all those who register a week or so prior to the exercise.

Stephen Mabley, MS, CIH
Area Emergency Manager
Emergency Management Strategic Healthcare Group (EMSHG)
Veterans Affairs Capitol Health Care Network (VISN 5)
50 Irving Street, NW, Washington, DC 20422

Steve.Mabley at va dot gov

202-745-8181 office

720-240-7725 cell

877-385-2138 SkyTel pager

202-745-2282 fax

intranet: http://vaww1.

internet: http://www1.

Thin houses or does size matter?

Richardson Place Townhomes
Originally uploaded by In Shaw

This is just a question, how many of you all have thin houses? I’m talking no wider than 16 feet? Some of the houses on Richardson Street (pictured) are about 12 feet wide. My own is 15 feet in the front part and 14 feet in the rear.
There are challenges with thin houses. It seems they come with thin doors and getting furniture in the house is a challenge. Someone might offer a dresser or table to me and I’d have to refuse, partially because there is no way to get it in the house. I got a new-to-me stove (a few decades newer than my old one) and if the doors weren’t able to come off, it may have been a question if it would have been able to make it into the house.

Timor has more stuff now

Ran into the Timor Bodega and noticed that the shelves are bigger and have more stuff on them. Kim Wee is carrying some basic spices, more cereals, ricemilk, soymilk, and a bunch more organic things. If you haven’t ventured over there, give it a try. The weekday hours are short, 4PM to 9PM, but the weekend from 9:30AM to 8 (SAT) or 6 (SUN) is a better time.