Gonna Take More Than A Coat Of Paint For This Baby

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Up on the auction block is 1620 4th St NW. This weekend B., I.T. and I took a look at this house that is listed for $250K. I’m guessing that’s where the bank wants to start bidding. Last time it went to auction it was in the $300,000 range and didn’t get sold.
Taking a closer look at it, the interior is a mess and it was designed by crackheads. The small bathroom has wasted space near the toilet. There is very little closet space, considering there could be more, and something that could be used as storage is closed off. Then there is the wood rot around the windows (see picture) and the water damage in the back bedroom.
There were some ‘investors’ sniffing around. As a short term investment this is a no. I guess it would take $60-$100K of work, and I don’t think the average rent amount for the area, plus taxes would rake in the dough. Besides we kind of prefer owner occupiers ’round here. Not that renters are bad. We’ve had some wonderful rehabs done by owner occupiers who have up and moved due to marriage or job and are renting their places out, and those places are fine. It’s the ones where the owner approached it as a rental (or a developer as a flip) and did superficial work that are undesirable.
There are more pictures just put in “1620 4th St” as a search term in flickr and the pix I took will show up.

Catania is ours

It was nice to see a smiling picture of Nicole in today’s Washington Post Food section, and yes “gentrified locals in Bloomingdale” can enjoy her buttery goodness, when they cross Florida Avenue to get to her as she is in Shaw, more specifically, Truxton.
I’m not going to talk up the croissants because I don’t need the competition. However the muffins are good, and filling. For the past few weeks she’s had blueberry only. When the cranberry comes back, I will pounce on those. The muffins are moist and go well with a nice glass of milk. You can enjoy them throughout the week by wrapping them in plastic wrap and stuffing them in the fridge.

BAA Meeting

| Blagden Alley |
| and |
| Naylor Court |
| Association |
| |
| Monthly Meeting |
| |
| THURSDAY, April 24, 2008 |
| 7:30-9:00 pm |
| Meeting at the |
| NEW, under construction, |
| Corduroy |
| 1122 Ninth Street, NW |
| |

Lots of different topics and speakers, including the owner
of the newly arrived Corduroy, the new Mayor’s rep (hopefully).

The newsletter is at