Lunchtime Research: A bust

Citywide Damage Map 4-10-1968
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Inspired by this map I thought it would be fun to go down to the library and see if any Truxton Circle area businesses disappeared because the riots.
I got nothing. I thought I had something but then realized, I had nothing. Comparing the 1967 city directory with the 1969 directory didn’t provide any glaringly interesting. A beauty parlor on the corner of R and New Jersey (where a fantasy French Bistro sits in my dreams) remained in business in both years.
I traced my finger down New Jersey and thought I found a huge gap. There were two commercial buildings, the Washington Building and the Evans Building, listed in the 1967 directory as being at 1434 and 1420 New Jersey. They were absent from the 1969 directory and I got excited and thought I had a find. Nope. Apparently the 1967 listing was a typo for both buildings as business and associations listed in 1967 were located in same named, same numbered buildings on New York Avenue in 1969. Then lunch was over.
The other problem was the fact that businesses go out of business for other reasons than a riot. Maybe if I had more time I could look at the 1965 directory as a base, track businesses that are shown in 1967 then see where they are (if they still were) in 1969. However that depends on a business being open for 5 years.