April 1st

April showers means… less watering for me.
It did cross my mind to do an April Fools post. Something along the lines of ‘French Bistro to come to corner of R & New Jersey’, but I thought that, that, would be too cruel. However, Frozen Tropics has gone on a April Fool’s roll, my favorite of which is “Local Historians Just Make Sh t Up“. Followed by “Girlfriend No Longer Has Excuse To Not Visit H St Boyfriend” with a lovely observation of a segment of the west of 16th St anglo-female community.

“I saw Napa used sun-drieds,” said Ginny referring to the sun-dried tomatoes sprinkled liberally throughout NAPA’s menu. “And that was the deal-sealer for me. No white woman with a college degree can pass them up. I am going to come over at 7 p.m. maybe 7:30 this Saturday. Tell him to make sure no black guys are hanging on the corner this time.”

Dude, Where’s My Trash/Recycle Bin?

Ever come back from work to a sidewalk or alley strewn with trash and recycle bins tossed around as if a hurricane had blown through. You look among the bins laying on their sides, searching for the one that is yours, but most of them all look alike. And maybe, and I hope not, you may discover the one that is yours, is gone.
This is my little service announcement to tell you to put your address on your trash and recycle bin. Not in magic marker, as that fades, but feel free to use it on the inner lid. It doesn’t fade as quickly there. Paint. Use paint, it lasts longer. Do the lid and the sides. And try to put your whole address if possible. I once discovered a Bloomingdale recycle bin on my TC block. Luckily, the owners had put the street address on the bin, so I rolled it on over, across Florida Avenue, over to the address listed. I hope it was NW.
Also, for myself, does anyone have one of those old square recycle bins they aren’t using? I would like an extra container to grow tomatoes in.