Sometime in May, Market

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I either don’t remember or didn’t catch the date but in the month of May, the Bloomingdale Market will return.
I ran into Ted McGinn (did I spell that right?), Big Bear’s Lana and asked about the sign on the Bear saying the maket will be there in June. Nope, earlier. Yay.
There will be plants earlier on at the market. The question will be, will it be too early to plant the plants? We should be well away from below freezing morning temps and frost by May.
I’m looking forward to market berries. I’m hoping to make a strawberry ice cream with organic strawberries and happy chicken eggs from the market and cream and milk from the Timor Bodega. Also morning yogurt is so much better with fresh lcoally grown blueberries.

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  1. Market is coming back in May – hurray! And glad you mentioned Timor. My normal weekend routine doesn’t get me over there enough in the off-season, but with the market coming back I’ll be dropping in more often.

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