Stop. You had me at 'local dairy'

Timor Store
Originally uploaded by In Shaw

At this very moment I am enjoying something I thought I wouldn’t have again since the dairy guy at the Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market went out of business…. chocolate milk from a glass bottle.
I experienced a rush of complete joy when I wandered into Timor at 200 Rhode Island Ave NW, in Bloomingdale after a booze run at Bloomingdale Liquors. There in the glass case was milk. Not just any milk, milk in glass bottles. Cream in glass bottles. If I didn’t have milk already in the fridge I would have bought plain milk. Instead, I bought the chocolate milk.
There are some other like products in this little store that has recently opened. Meat supplied from a Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market guy. Yellow carrots, vegetarian mushroom soup, “good” beer (I’ll have to take the owner’s word since I don’t know beer), fresh fruit, smoked salmon, etc. I hope to have more info later.