Flipping through the Gospel According to St. Martha Stewart (Living), I saw something on the order of “put aside old compost”. Which I promptly did one lovely weekend day. Most of the winter I haven’t been putting a lot in the compost bin simply because it takes a while to break down and I swear the worms get slow and lazy. So, it was easy work to get the shovel and take most of the broken down compost and put it in a heavy duty trash bag. The worms were not pleased.
I now have a nice 20-30 gallon bag of worm poop and decayed material. I plan to share some with B & IT, as well as get some over to the small plot over at the guerrilla garden. I’ll also add it to the soil of my potted plants and put a little in the front yard.
I’ve begun the next batch of compost with kitchen scraps, shredder waste, coffee grounds from Big Bear, and ruined fruit & veggies I don’t get around to eating. Some worms have been relocated to the new compost. Since they can be hard to pick out of the old compost I’m just going to put down some avocado scraps (they LOVE avocado) and pull out while a whole bunch of them are gorging themselves on nature’s green butter.