More houses on sale

1620-1626 4thSt
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1620 (the tan house on the far left) and 1624 (the red painted with white trim) 4th St NW are up for sale.
1620 is a foreclosure and is the cheapest at $275,000. Now you might be thinking “Wow, $275,000 what an affordable bargain.” Well I’ve been inside. Add $60-100K in repairs because that’s what you’ll need to make it decent. If you click on the full sized picture you might be able to see on the top right window, the bricks are doing something and look like they are about to pop out. Let’s say there are issues the house has that aren’t cosmetic. But neither are those things something that need to be addressed right now, but they need to be addressed in the next few years.
I’ve been inside 1624 too and I could have sworn it had AC, so I don’t know why there is a window unit in the top window. It is going for $390K. It’s not fancy. It’s got renters in it, so it is in a livable condition, unlike 1620. It’s okay looking and I’m not really sure what justifies that price. Of course it has only been on the market for 2 weeks.
Both 1620 and 1624 4th St have backyards big enough to fit a compact car in, and nothing else. Well maybe a Mini Cooper and a deck chair. Or enough of a rear yard to send the dog out back to do the doo when you’re too cold or too busy to take him out.
Both also have a one story kitchen attached to the main part of the house. Three houses further down the block have expanded, replacing the one story part to a two story, adding more square footage and look quite nice from the alley. So that is a possibility, more so with 1620 because of its price and its need for repair.