Seed swap sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY

Well the Bloomingdale Garden Club is having a seed swap, but sadly I’ll be unavailable.

February 10th Garden Club Meeting

Novices take note: It’s not too soon to start thinking, planning, and doing something to make your spring gardening experience a cost-effective pleasure. Experienced gardeners hoping to keep the cost of gardening in check begin prepping now to grow their spring plants from seeds. So, to get the party started, the Greater Bloomingdale-Area Garden Club invites all gardeners to Windows Café & Market (1st & RI Ave NW) from 2:00-3:30 p.m. on Sunday, February 10th for a Spring Seed Exchange & Giveaway.

The Club will have loads of flower and vegetable seeds to give away. Members and others are invited to bring plant cuttings and any seeds they have to share. This is a golden opportunity to network with other gardening neighbors, give and get advice, and share your gardening war stories. I’ve got a few stories of my own to share, like the one where all of my house flowers died and… Shucks, gotta go. If you want to hear the end of that story I’ll see you at Windows on the 10th.

1631 4th ST NW for sale

1629-1633 4th St
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I had a longer post on this but accidentally closed the window and lost it all. So a summary from what I remember: Not a foreclosure but a bank short sale. House is $415K, a down payment of 20% or 83K, would possibly make it $1,990 a month. Monthly RE taxes would be $315.00. There are renters in the house now and I have no idea of what a 3 bedroom 2 bath house rents for around these here parts to know if the house is actually a decent investment.