Nother 4th St house for sale

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I need to find another street to hawk.
Anyway, vacant house 1721 4th St NW (the blue-gray one) is up for sale for the lovely price of $368,000. Apparently it is all historic being a two unit investment rental building, the way the developer intended it to be back in nineteen oh something. It’s also an historic mess needing some structural work done on it. Other houses on the block are assessed in the $400-500K range so you can be somewhat justified in the $100-$200K you’re going to have to sink into this thing to get it suitable for human habitation. Thankfully, this is not an HD so your rehab won’t be too costly or lengthy. Sadly, the backyard is just big enough for a lawn chair and a tiny toy-sized dog.

2 thoughts on “Nother 4th St house for sale”

  1. HP regs don’t concern structural or interior work. If this house needs $100K of structural work, costs of being in or out of an HD would be negligible in comparison.

    Maybe the biggest extra cost would be for wood windows on the front instead of vinyl. That’s about $1000 vs $250 per window. But then again, wood windows last 50 to 75 years. Vinyl windows about 10 year.

  2. My vinyl windows are a good 20 years old. Ugly as hell, but still as crappy as the day I bought the house 7 years ago.
    To get the house livable not everything is limited to the inside. The door might need replacing, or the steps to the entry fixing, or windows squaring, which may mean messing with the exterior brick. Things getting repaired on the inside do impact some things on the outside.
    Also you’re anonymous, next anon comment gets zapped.

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