1225 1st St NW for sale

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Okay last house for sale of the day. I will post no more till, maybe Friday or next week. Red house is for sale. Red, not vacant house, is on the market for $599,900. It is a two unit building with a paying tenant in one unit. The other unit I guess could go to the new owner or be rented out as well. But honestly, I rather have owner occupiers. Not that there is anything wrong with renters. Sometimes renters become owners.

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  1. That was Mike T.’s house…not sure if he still owns it or not. I can tell you it has a cool cellar underneath the front yard. The cellar entrance is across from the basement apartment entrance. Not sure what it’s like inside…but an interesting use of space.

    First Street Scott

  2. I agree on the renters part. My buddy and slumlord frequently says: there’s no such thing as a good tenant. Because if they were good, then they’d be homeowners and not renters.

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