Progress but still not open

Christmas has come and gone and alas we have no cafe at 1st & R. But last I passed by it, it was progressing along nicely. The new windows look cool and the upstairs was lit and people were working on it. New Year’s is too soon, maybe it will open before Valentine’s Day?

3 thoughts on “Progress but still not open”

  1. Given that so many of the corner stores in the neighborhood have been broken into and/or held up at gunpoint during the last six months, I salute the owners of the Big Bear for bravery. I hope they have a good security system.

    – JM

  2. The best “security system” for Big Bear Cafe will be foot traffic around the store. We need more places to go for people who don’t drink single servings of malt liqour. Once those places open, we’ll acheive critical mass of friendly foot traffic in the neighborhood.

    – Sine

  3. it may not be open yet, but they had a great new year’s eve party. if they can get that many people (200+) for an unoffical party before they open this is going to be a popular place.


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