Chapple WINS!!!!!!!!

Good news from Chapple’s site and Daddy-5-O, the 5 votes STAND! Praise be!

I (or Truxtonian) will update this tomorrow.
Or maybe just me because someone said he could only offer snark…..
Safely on this side of New Jersey Ave, the goings on over there in ANC 2C have been interesting if not educational. Any closer to a third world type power struggle I’d need my own armed private guard, and a translator. I have learned that despite being overthrown by the electorate, which wasn’t a given until yesterday, Mr. Leroy Thorpe took over a civic association and got himself appointed puppet master (or parliamentarian) of the ANC 2C commission. So Mr. Thorpe is not going to fade away, unless the good people of 2C do something about it. Mr. Brian Smith offered some advice on the Mt. Vernon Sq list:

Alright folks…it is time to exert a little grassroots muscle. I called
Wendy Rahim in Jack Evans’ office and she suggested calling two people:

David Catania 202-724-7772 – I spoke with Jennifer in his office and she is working on who the exact point of contact is in the office. I will circulate the name and contact info when I get back to DC tonight.

Gotleib Simon 202-727-9945 – handles ANC issues for the DC Govt.

When you call please do the following:

– Make sure you explain you are a resident of ANC 2C and you are concerned about the election that took place for next year’s officers for the ANC
– Explain that with an illegal vote, Leroy Thorpe promoted himself to a post of de-facto leader of the ANC and there is a chance that he will not even be the elected member for the SMD he currently represents.
– Ask the ways that we can get this election overturned and put on hold until the new officers are installed in 2007.
– Ask that they begin a preliminary investigation into the finances for the ANC, in particular a $3000 grant for computers that ECCA received last night even though the paperwork was not filed.

So people of 2C do whatcha gotta do. If not for yourself, for Democracy.

Capitol City Market

I’ve been lax but luckily Frozen Tropics and Richard Layman of Rebuilding Place have been all over it.
Vincent Orange and his buddies are trying to take cheap food out of my mouth, ’cause face it housing will drive the warehouse businesses to BFE, Maryland. There are certain things that do not mix well with where people sleep. You can mix warehouses and offices. You can mix offices with housing. But housing with offices and warehouses? Mixed use is a lovely tool, but like many tools it can be applied to the wrong job with bad results. The result I see are businesses, jobs (magic word JOBS) moving to Maryland. And I won’t have a place to get my tenderloin for less than $4 a pound.
This weekend I’ve been living like a queen eating fillet minion I got from the market area. My house smells of beef. I’ve hauled in some good stuff before posted here and here. But will I lose opportunities to get a lot of food for a little money because Mr. Sang Oh Choi wants the city to forcibly grab his neighbor’s land, bulldoze buildings and shoehorn a project that might be a better fit elsewhere. I mean it isn’t the only housing proposal going up in a 1 mile radius. The stuff proposed along and around that area will add enough people to make traffic a headache. Part of me wonders wouldn’t it have been easier for him to have sold the land and bought a parcel that would have been a better fit?