Howdy Partner

OK 1900 census stuff. So, I have taken a new approach to the census and gathering more information, moving from heads of households to individuals. There are relationships that I keep an eye out for because I pause and wonder. The most typical one I wonder about is the live in servant. That is, the person listed as “servant” in the column stating the person’s relationship to the head. At 43 New York Ave (am I on the right side of the road?)NW, Joseph Lott, a 54 yo government clerk, and his wife Margaret had a 22 year old servant named Mary Collins. Miss Collins was a white District native with Irish parents. It was just the three of them in the house so I wonder why did the Lotts need a live-in servant and what kind of money was Mr. Lott making to have a servant?
But the most interesting find, for several reasons is at 89 New York Ave NW. First, I’ve hit upon my first Asians. Two Chinese men, Moy(?) Fooy and Ican’treadhisfirstname Hong, both in their 30s were laundrymen. But what I find interesting is how Mr. Hong is listed in his relationship with Mr. Fooy. Typically unrelated single persons are listed as ‘boarders’. Mr. Fooy is listed as ‘partner’. This being 1900 DC I’m going to take a good guess that means business partner.