When Historic Preservation Attacks!: Old people

As reported in the Washington Post.
On one side elderly people, aged 88 & 86.
On the other Historic District, age 19 years protecting house aged 74.
Does medicare cover preservation approved accessiblity options? And doesn’t the Americans with Disabilities Act trump historic preservation? As I understand it, residential buildings do not have to comply with ADA but what if the owners want it to be ADA accessible, can it trump historic preservation?

ANC 5C St. Martin’s

Okay I got three things about the ANC 5C meeting.
1. I wasn’t there.
2. I got a comparision report from a reader and posted it over at This Meeting Never Happened. (User: thismeeting password: neverhappened)
3. New Kid on the Eckington Block reported the St. Martin’s project discussed at the ANC meeting.

UPDATE: Scott Robert’s notes have been added to This Meeting Never Happened.