Goals for 2007

I don’t really do resolutions. They are too apt to fail. I save that for Lent, which has clear start and end dates and breaks on Sunday. No. I will have a few goals. Two little In Shaw goals:

1. Renovate house. I hope to have a final list of what I want done by late January or February. Then maybe, depending on the contractor, start as soon as possible. Which is whenever.

2. Get more food out of my garden. The 2006 tomato season was horrid. I would have done better by taking the green tomatoes off the vine earlier in the season and sitting them in the window, and getting my tomatoes slowly that way. I wound up giving a lot of the green golf balls away. Also I had several tomato plants that gave me nothing. My yard likes Chard. I will grow more chard and maybe more arugula. Arugula is easy. Throw seed on wet ground. Kick a little dirt over it. Forget about it.

I would have had a third goal but goal #1 determines a lot of what I can and cannot do in 2007. So I can’t make hosting more dinner parties a goal, if I don’t have a house where I can host people.